• Regarding The group in general
  • Such a wonderful group - friendly, supportive fun - playful humour.
    I actually enjoy all aspects of this group that I attend at the Carrum Club and admire the thought and preparation to deliver an enjoyable evening.
    The group sessions - with harmonising adding to the songs to individually the presentation - is very good.
    Taking Small Groups - then presenting the finished song to the group of listeners is good - with different rhythms, harmony and percussion sounds.
    This all helps with confidence and a feeling of acceptance.
    I say - WELL DONE!!.
    Also I particularly like "Singing In The Round" as we can see one another. Of course - different rhythms, strumming and plucking need practise and this introduction is wonderful as players experiment and grow - not just doing the same strumming pattern.
    - Deb White

    Although I don't get to attend every session at Mentone RSL, I definitely can see that this club is evolving in the right direction in a number of ways.
    * Shared leadership. This year in particular has had a focus on extending leadership opportunities to many more people - that's a good thing.
    * A heightened focus on quality performances. Spending half an hour or so every so often to work on making pieces more interesting and polished is reaping rewards for the audience and performers.
    * Open Mic Nights - Although I think these nights should be limited to about 22 songs, joining together with Carrum has been a very valuable thing to do. I think, however, that to encourage more participation, individuals should be restricted to one individual or duo performance only and one group item only too.
    * A nurturing and welcoming Environment continues. I continue to be impressed with the encouragement given to all members, especially to those with inexperienced backgrounds with regards to playing the uke or singing publicly.
    - Peter Faulkner


    Hi Brad

    Just to thank you again for the wonderful interactive workshop you ran on song writing on 21st October. It was motivating, lots of fun and very well presented, thanks to lots of enthusiastic hard work and input on your part. I thoroughly enjoyed it as I am sure everyone did.

    Anyway thanks again Brad, it certainly pushed a button!


    - Di Fuszard

    70th Birthday Party at Keysborough Golf Club, 2-12-2018

    Hello Mandy (Gig Leader)

    This is communication to express both my grateful thanks to you and your group for the performance you put on at my 70th Birthday Party on December 2nd 2018.

    Firstly, please accept my apologies that I did not get the time at my party to really appreciate the great music you and the other Musicians were “pumping out”. There seemed to be a lot going on in a short span of time and maybe I got the timing wrong for guests to appreciate your talents.

    Although, I did have some asking where I had met you and they took your card, so hopefully you will get some bookings in the future.

    To think I was “honing in” on my dance moves prior to the party, but didn't get a chance really, what a waste!

    Also apologies for not really spending time to say a proper “bye” as you were packing up.

    Secondly, a huge Thank You to you for the group's professionalism and the time you spent putting together the song list, setting up and packing up. It was a good variety and much appreciated. May I say, keep up the good work.

    I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a great and safe 2019.

    kind regards,

    Phyllis Lloyd
    - Phyllis Lloyd

    Sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I loved how you performed for our birthday meeting on Monday, and I have had a number of glowing comments passed back to me through third parties. I was still singing some of the songs yesterday. A great selection of songs, which you performed so well. I must also say that visually you are a very attractive group, with the energy and enthusiasm bursting out and your bright personalities making you a delight to watch. There, that's quite enough, or you will be putting your rates up.
    Hopefully I will see you Tuesday.
    - Sally Baker

    Dear Jill,
    Sorry I am so late getting back to you after the Concert.
    Everyone I have spoken to said they enjoyed it—it was good
    toe-tapping music.
    I was going to speak to one of the players but at that stage they
    were busy packing up. They seemed to be a very happy and well
    trained group of people.
    Our Marjorie, who will be 100 in May, was intrigued with the man who
    was sitting because each time he changed instruments, he had to take
    his hat off.
    With love. Mac
    - Jean MacDonald

    Hello Rick and Peter,
    I just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and thank you all again so much for the wonderful entertainment you provided Oak Towers residents, families and Staff on the 8th. We had lots of fun and great feedback was given.
    Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful new year.

    - Sally Davoren Lifestyle Co-ordinator Oak Towers Aged Care Service



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