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The LUKES' Story

Simply put, LUKE’S, contributes by way of music to encouraging people out of their normal lifestyle, indeed, sometimes, out of their chairs, playing familiar tunes, & wherever possible seeking audience participation, via singalongs, (if considered appropriate)
 - hopefully overall, contributing to enjoyment, and personal wellbeing.

Our group encourage each other to explore this humble yet beautiful musical instrument and share musical knowledge through fun nights singing and playing as we bring our favourite songs to life!

Players of all ages are welcome!

Young or young at heart ......... doesn't matter as long as you love music.

Love music but feel unfulfilled playing on your own?

  • Haven’t an avenue for the MUSICAL YOU to emerge?
  • Then why not join our happy & vibrant ukulele group?
  • Beginners & Advanced Players Welcome

We run beginner’s programs, workshops, programming periodical experienced Ukulele performers to encourage & lecture.

We operate periodical Open Mic/Try Out nights at Carrum for members and also on occasions at the Mentone RSL - any member can rise & sing and play, regardless of their ability to perform. Prior bookings are required.
The essence of these nights is to "Have a go!"

Such an experience is liberating, especially for retired seniors.

We run a series of Theme Nights, where the majority of members really get in to the spirit of the evening, dress up and ham up.

Recently we've had an Australian Theme Night, a Legends of Rock 'n Roll, a Celtic Night, a Country & Western Night, a Beatles Night, a Blues Night, an Elvis Theme Night, a Halloween Night, a Guys and Dolls Night and a Remembrance Day Sing-a-long with a Christmas Carols and Songs Spectacular to be held at the end of year Christmas Party.

A long the way different musical instruments have been introduced and encouraged and these all add to the texture and fabric of the music and challenge many a uke player to further develop their range of musical skills. Some of our members have even made their own instruments - Jonno Kingma's banjo modelled from a frying pan and his latest trumpet-guitar are classics as is John Davies' tuneable bass box.

Other instruments our members add to our ukes are bass guitar, bass ukes, harmonicas, kazoos, percussion and drums and a beat box/Cohum plus many others, depending on the scope of the evening's music. We've even enjoyed a member on her flute accompanying us at Open Mics and LEGS Gigs - Silent Night is taken to a different level with a flute introduction.

Most of all, LUKES is about maximising enjoyment & fun!

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