Hone your ukulele skills

For ukulele beginners it can be a daunting prospect playing amongst the enthusiastic regulars.
We encourage members who are new to ukulele playing to come along to our beginner sessions as well as joining in on the regular sessions.

When are the Beginner Sessions in 2020:?

  • Beginners Classes will be run on Thursday nights, in two periods in 2020, each of six consecutive weeks.
  • The first period of Beginners' Classes will begin on Thursday 20th February and run through until 26th March.
    The second period will begin on Thursday 23rd July and run through until 27th August.
  • 7 :00pm - 8:00pm
  • The dates are listed on the website calendar

Where are the Beginner Sessions held?

  • The Carrum Activity Hub
  • 38 Valetta Street, Carrum

What do Beginner Sessions offer:

  • An accomplished ukulele player will guide you through a number of easy but popular songs.
  • Play beginner songs that have 3 or 4 chords only
  • Repetition of the most commonly used chords so that you develop seamless chord changes
  • Develop the confidence to play through a whole song at the correct tempo
  • An opportunity to meet and learn with others at a similar skill level
  • Pick up a lot of tips and tricks that will help you on your uke journey
  • An understanding of the layout of the chords and symbols in our main Songbooks
  • Advice on the most suitable ukulele for you to play

Contact To Enrol:

President Carolyn if you'd like to join this Members only Group



Classes are free for LUKES members. You can take up Membership of LUKES on the first Thursday night of the lessons.


Please do not buy a ukulele from ALDI or a really cheap one - from experience they do not hold their tune. Expect to pay upwards from $60 for an insturment which is not a toy. Consider a Tenor Ukulele if your fingers are stiffer and less dextrous as they have bigger fret boards than the smaller sized Soprano Ukuleles. Ukuleles range in size from Soprano (smallest) to Concert (mid size) up to Tenor (large size) then further upwards to Baritone and Bass (known as a U Bass). These two largest sized Ukuleles are generally tuned the same as the top four strings of a guitar (tuned to D-G-B-E) and thus have different chord structures to the other 3 smaller ukuleles that we teach to (tuned to G-C-E-A). Try out ukuleles from local music shops and see which one suits your fingers best - our Club's preferred supplier is Guitars Plus at 5 Melrose Street, Sandringham. We have a few ukuleles we can lend to our beginners until you are able to purchase your own, on both Tuesday and Thursday nights. 


A Beginners Booklet will be provided and LUKES Main Songbooks can be purchased and are available at the lessons for $15 each. They are not necessary for the Beginners Classes but will give you material to work with going forwards at the Tuesday night LUKES Meetings and are a wonderful resource to practise from.

LUKES has 3 Main Songbooks - 1, 2 and 3 and to make it easier for beginners, the degree of difficulty of each song is listed on the Index pages, beside each song.

LUKES MEMBERS - Do you have a friend who has shown an interest in joining LUKES? - why not encourage friends or family members to come along to the Beginners' Classes to try it out and gain some confidence along the way.


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