Hone your ukulele skills

For ukulele beginners it can be a daunting prospect playing amongst the enthusiastic regulars.
We encourage members who are new to ukulele playing to come along to our beginner sessions as well as joining in on the regular sessions.

When are the Beginner Sessions:?

  • The first two Thursdays of the month
  • 7 :00pm - 8:30pm
  • These finish after November

Where are the Beginner Sessions held?

  • The Carrum Activity Hub
  • 38 Valetta Street, Carrum

What do Beginner Sessions offer:

  • An accomplished ukulele player will guide you through a number of easy but popular songs.
  • Play beginner songs that have 3 or 4 chords only
  • Repetition of the most commonly used chords so that you develop seamless chord changes
  • Develop the confidence to play through a whole song at the correct tempo
  • An opportunity to meet and learn with others at a similar skill level
  • Pick up a lot of tips and tricks that will help you on your uke journey
  • An understanding of the layout of the chords and symbols in our main Songbooks
  • Advice on the most suitable ukulele for you to play

⇒ Contact our Secretary Carolyn if you'd like to join this Members only Group

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