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Posted By: Alison Davies
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Date Posted: Thu, 28 Apr 2022
Cheryl Gardner thought this is an article that many of you would find interesting & perhaps interesting enough to pursue.

Jane Carafell's Hit Show "Uked!" - the first play along ukulele musical will be taking place at the Creswick Courthouse Theatre on 24th and 25th June, 2022.
Jane, the writer and producer says it's a fun, uplifting story, touching on themes of ageing and isolation, and which celebrates the power of the humble ukulele to connect communities.
Bring your uke and sing and play along with Karla, the heroine of the story, as part of the audience or up on stage as one of her fellow ukulele club members.
All details are contained in the article but it certainly looks like a wonderful night of interactive entertainment PLUS it's for ukulele enthusiasts.