Cheltenham Rail Crossing Removal Gig

Cheltenham Rail Crossing Removal Gig
Type of post: Group news item
Posted By: Fran Paddington
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 19 Nov 2019

Street Performance Charman Road, Cheltenham November 15th 2019

Follow the sucess of "Jessie's Girl" we were asked by Kingston Council to come and perform in the street, to entertain the public while the street was closed, in preparation for the removal of the railway crossing. I wasn't sure how many LUKES members would be keen to do this, but then to my surprise,we had a really good turnout.  I lost count after 25!
We performed after an amazing band called Vados, who did some wonderful Russian folk type melodies, on violin accordian and double bass, that had some of us dancing. So we thought they be a tough act to follow.

Everyone loves to sing a long with songs they know and we certainly managed that. We had quite a crowd gather and stay a while, to listen and join in. Everyone in in the group was smiling and jigging, which really engaged the audience. The songs were well performed by all the team with their solo parts, group and all in sections. There were beautiful harmonies and backing shoo-ups, for variety and interest. 

Great show guys, you made me proud.


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