"Slow and Easy with No Heavy Lifting" ~ Book 1 only

7:00pm, Tue, 25 Feb 2020

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Tuesday Meeting
    Duration: 2 hours
    Venue: 38 Valetta Street, Carrum, Victoria, 3197
    Description: "Slow and Easy with No Heavy Lifting" ~ Book 1 only

    Jill Thompson will be leading us in a "Slow & Easy" sing-a-long"

    With No Heavy Lifting!

    The format is:

    • We will use only Book 1 (some blasts from the past)
    • The playlist contains songs that most people will find easy to play and sing
    • We’ll play in order through the book, so we don’t have to fluff around looking for the page numbers
    • No dressing up required, but the usual licence to do so is granted.
    • If we want to change a song to one of your old favourites, we can be flexible.
    • We’ll sit in a circle,  without mics.  The"People's Choice singing from Book 3" was great last Tuesday.  As the tunes from Book 1 are very well known by those who have been around for a while, there’s scope for some harmonising, improvised riffs, kazoos, harmonicas or whatever, as you wish.  We may experiment with different groupings and arrangements.
    • Please help with the singing.   There will be no lead singer at a microphone – just a counting-in and/or intro as written for the song.
    Looking forward to more of the great music we make each week at LUKES.
    Jill Thompson