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What a lively and thrilling session we had on Thursday 7th March 2024 at our Celtic Ceilidh at the Mentone RSL. We were honoured to celebrate the contributions of our special guests: George Arundel on his bag pipes and Stephen Gilbert on his fiddle. An Irish Singing Group from Hawthorn also augmented our vocals. The 3 Ps: Peter Faulkner, Peter McDonald and Paul Wadeson devised a wonderful program of largely Irish songs from the old to more contemporary ones. They were well prepared and the session ran to perfection. The room was brimming with emerald green outfits but most of all was buzzing with the joy of rollicking good music. Well done to the 3 Ps and many thanks to Vicki Marshall for keeping the memories alive with these photographs. If you would like to view the videos of some of the performances, please access them at the DropBox link below. They will be there till 1st April. You may download them from the DropBox if you'd like to. Copy and paste the link in to your internet browser of choice.

On Thursday 7th December, 80 members attended a wonderful end of year dinner to celebrate the fabulous year we had just completed. Vicki Marshall, Sally Baker, Mandy Cooper and others did an extraordinary job decorating the Mentone RSL in an Australiana theme. The Old Spice Girls and 3 P's performed an array of Christmas songs as did both the Mentone and Carrum groups singularly and together. Many thanks to all of the organisers and participants.

Les Fox prepared for almost a year for us to celebrate "In The Pink". With enough props and costume changes to fill a truck Les, and lucky number door prizes and quizzes resulting in all manner of pink prizes being handed out in between singing an array of pink songs. What a fantastic session led by the Ubiquitous Mr Fox. Many thanks.

A very jolly band of LUKES members represented our club at the Hills Ukulele Festival held at the Emerald Primary School from May 14-15th. Ably led by Mandy Cooper the group sang a fabulous repertoire of well known and practised songs. Many thanks to Ann Carter the photographer.

The last Saturday of August is Play Music on the Porch Day worldwide. Many of us at LUKES participated in this fun event. Check us out:

To dream and have hope is a quintessential part of the human spirit, which is why so many songs over the years have been written about DREAMS. The group who dared to dream at the Mentone RSL on Thursday 15th July, knowing that at midnight we'd be facing lockdown number 5 in Victoria, sang and played with absolute optimism and joy.. Here's a few photos to share the optimism.

We had a rollicking night singing, playing and dancing along to all manner of songs with a dance connotation or that were simply great to dance to. Enjoy the photographs as we celebrated the International Dance Day on April 29th 2021 at the Mentone RSL
Songs Sung Blue

The Ubiquitous Uke - our very own Mr Fox, led us in a wonderful night of an abundance of BLUE on March 3rd. We dressed in blue, sang blue songs, surrounded by blue decor and were given blue badges and blue prizes and of course there were the obligatory blue jokes. A fabulous first night gig from the Blue Fox.
Summer Strum by the Sea

On Tuesday 21st January Carolyn and Noel Coxhead hosted a fabulous social event "SUMMER STRUM BY THE SEA" at their home in Aspendale from 6 -9pm. The Weather Gods were kind to us and 45 Lukies managed to play outside on the lawn overlooking the beach until nearly 9pm. Everyone bought a plate to share and we all enjoyed a delightful dinner.

A large crowd of members enjoyed playing music in the sunshine on the lawns of the Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club situated on Lambert Island Mordialloc (behind Doyles). I'm sure this was a first for many of us and the feeling of cameraderie on the day was wonderful as we celebrated all things Australian. The members of MMYC were very impressed with the joy that emanated from our group and invited us back. The friends and family of LUKES members who came along gained some insight in to the fun we all have together on Tuesday nights. Thanks Jonno for the few photos. Any others would be appreciated. A special thank you to Noel Coxhead the principle organiser of this event. We all loved the venue.
Cheltenham Street Party

On Friday 15th November performed on behalf of the Kingston City Council at the closing of Charman Road Railway Crossing Party. 25 LEGS members performed on the night. Everyone loves to sing a long with songs they know and we certainly managed that. We had quite a crowd gather and stay a while, to listen and join in. Everyone in in the group was smiling and jigging, which really engaged the audience. The songs were well performed by all the team with their solo parts, group and all in sections. There were beautiful harmonies and backing shoo-ups, for variety and interest.
Hat Band October 8th 2019

Last week (8th October) we were entertained by Songs from the Movies with Alison's Hat Band night ! When we arrived we divided into a number of groups and and each group worked up a couple of songs from Movies ! Thanks to Alison and her helpers for a fun night !

Jill Thompson and her "BLUES Sisters" delivered a sublime evening of entertainment as we sang and played a variety of Blues songs and songs with Blue in them - mostly attired in Blues Brothers or Sisters outfits. . August 13th 2019 was a joyful rather than blue evening!

Tuesday 6th August 2019 saw Elvis hit the building in many guises along with Priscillas of all shapes and sizes. But the vigour with which each song was played, sung and danced along to was fantastic. Fun was certainly the order of the night as we were all transported back to our teens.

We had a lively night of ELVIS workshops at our latest Hat Band Night. 6 groups of 7-8 members learnt and performed two Elvis songs. Great hilarity was had by all as we hammed it up in an inclusive action packed night.
Beatles Theme Night 2019

What's not to love about a night singing our favourite Beatle's songs with likeminded friends? Check out the photos we gathered to date but send others if you have them.
Winter Day Meetings at Richfield 2019

During the winter months we will be holding day-time Lukes meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of the Month starting on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 from 1-30pm to 3-30pm. The alternative meeting time is being considered for those who find it difficult coming out on a cold winters evening for these July, Aug and Sept months. These day-time meetings are in addition to the Tuesday evening meetings. The inaugural meeting was held on 3rd July 2019 and the photographs are included in this gallery.
Legends Of Rock 'n Roll June 2019

We had a fabulous evening of singing, playing, dancing and of course dressing up as Rock 'n Roll legends for our June Theme Night, most ably organised by Tony Brooker. The choice of songs was fantastic and the joy was evident on everyone's faces.
Try Out/Open Mic May 28th 2019

A wide variety of songs were performed by soloists, duets and group at our Try Out/Open Mic night son May 28th. Everyone involved entered in to the spirit of "having a go".
Six Moments In Kingston

A troop of 17 or so LUKES members perfomed Jessie's Girl as part of a dynamic series of public artworks set in sites around Kingston. The audience arrived on buses and followed us down the street to Rick Springfield's home.
Country and Western Night May 2019

A boot skooting night of enthusiastic singing and playing was held on 14th May 2019. Everyone dressed up got in to the spirit of the evening.
Australia Day Celebration 2019

A wonderful array of activities such as thong tossing competitions, two up and cherry pit spitting, along with the poetry of Mulga Bill's Bicycle kept the group amused on their first evening back at LUKES in the new year. Add to these a fabulous collection of Australian songs played and sung along to with our ukuleles plus a variety of bush band instruments. and this was a great way to sing in the new year.
Christmas 2018

On Tuesday 11th December we had a wonderful Christmas Breakup party and sing-a-long from our new Christmas Song Book. The food was plentiful and the crowd dressed suitablyin Christmas attire sang with passion and great gusto. The Christmas cake was a great hit.
Carrum Level Crossing Authority

On Saturday 8th December the LEGS group performed at the Carrum Level Crossing Authority's information day, held outside the Carrum Life Saving Club. Mandy Cooper led the gig with a variety of train songs, along with some jolly Christmas tunes.
Remembrance Day 2018

On Tuesday 13h November we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1 with our Remembrance Day Jam. We all enjoyed playing some old time songs from WW1 and 2 on the projector.
Hallowen Theme Night 2018

On Tuesday 30th October, the masses gathered in their ghoulish outfits complete with makeup for the annual Halloween celebration. Many songs that were appropriate were played to and sung and a fun evening was had by all.
Greenwood Manor Dingley 2018

We had a lively performance of the LUKES Entertainment Group (LEGS) on Friday 26th October. The audience was responsive and you could feel the joy in the room.
Sixties Theme Night 2018

On Tuesday 31st July the LUKES meeting hall was transformed in to a hippy den as members donned their flares, psychedelic shirts and dresses, long hair and peace symbols for a fabulous sixties sing-a-long. The smoke machine and bright disco lights added to the already electric atmosphere in the hall.

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