3:45pm, Thu, 2 Dec 2021

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  • Type of event: Thursday Afternoon Meeting
    Duration: 2 hours
    Venue: 9 Palermo Street,
    Mentone, 3194
      See map below

    Join us at a wonderful session of LUKES, when Peter Faulkner and friends will lead us on a journey that incorporates the exciting musical world of singing harmonies to waltz tunes.

    We will be featuring songs in 3/4 or 6/8 time this session but there will be approximately a third of selections in the standard 4/4 time for variety’s sake. Many of the songs selected lend themselves to singing harmonies so we invite you to volunteer to lead a song or two and work on some harmonies with a mate. We may sing a couple of new pieces a cappella so please polish up those vocal chords.' 
    The song list is up on the website, so please nominate the songs you would be happy to lead and email them to Peter at peterwfaulkner@gmail.com 
    Peter would love it if you get together with a few friends and come up with your own harmonies.
    There are also 5 extra song sheets (thanks Paul Wadeson)

    Please arrive from 3:15pm onwards for a prompt 3:45pm start.
    Drinks are available at the bar and many of us stay on for a casual dinner afterwards.
    Of course the dress code can be as formal as you like on such an occasion - we know our LUKES members take very little encouragement to get in to the spirit of theme.
    Sadly no hats are allowed inside the RSL out of respect to the fallen.
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